Still making local headlines

Principal must be reinstated (letter Andover Advertiser, Sept 20)

I felt I had to write to add my voice to last week’s correspondence concerning Andy Schofield and the Wellington Academy.

The front page story of 6 September gave the impression that Mr Schofield left the Academy following poor GCSE results.  Yet in your paper of 13 September (under the headline “Ensuring all pupils strive to succeed”) was a very different view of the results.  It seems that 93 per cent of Wellington students achieved five or more A* -C grades in GCSE and 77 per cent achieved eight ormore A* -C.

These results seem extremely good for a non-selective state school and would accord with your previous correspondent’s view that the students of WellingtonAcademy get enough exam passes to move on in life.

They may not all be in the GCSE subjects valued by Dr Seldon and Wellington College but, for some kids, they are more than enough to begin to break the cycle of social deprivation.

If I were still an Academy parent I would be petitioning the governors to bring back Andy Schofield, as I feel he has been unjustly forced out for reasons that, in light of the above, are now unclear.

I know anecdotes aren’t evidence, but I would like to share the following with your readers. My son was given a place in the Wellington Academy sixth form when no other post-16 educational opportunity was available.  He enjoyed his year there. made valuable progress in core subjects and took the Applied Learning Construction course.  This enabled him to get a place on a training scheme with a major house-builder and he is learning valuable skills for today’s job market.

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