Interview with Chair of GB – not sacked!

BBC Radio Wilts Drive Time News 2nd September

David Cowley, Chair of GB, explains it all  at 1.05.40 to 1.11.10 on the podcast

“ keep referring to Mr Schofield being sacked, that has not happened.  Mr Schofield has left the academy.”

‘Well can I ask, if he wasn’t sacked, what happened?’

“The results were, as I’ve said, and it’s not just the results, it’s the lead up to the results, I, er, we, er, in discussion, and we’re still in discussion, but technically speaking, ehm, the form of those discussions has to remain confidential to me, Mr Schofield and the Academy.”

@RealGeoffBarton comments at 2.09.01 to 2.14.00

See Wellington Academy page on this blog for a slightly more balanced view on our results for 2013

2 thoughts on “Interview with Chair of GB – not sacked!

  1. May I put on record my absolute disgust at the news of Andy Schofield’s departure from Wellington Academy. So the governors and the sponsor are finding a 10% drop in exam results unacceptable. Anyone who knows anything about education should know that a stark decline like this couldn’t possibly be blamed on a single individual. In fact, anyone who knows anything about current government educational policy and is bright enough, would be more likely to blame “the “significant turbulence” triggered nationwide by harder tests and pressure on exam boards to set tougher grade boundaries.” – to quote The Independent. Scapegoating is a low and dishonourable method of covering your own back. It can rebound on you, but it takes nothing away from the excellence of Andy Schofield as a principal and as a human being.

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