Mr Drew at Wellington EdFest

Vic Goddard and Mr Drew are appearing alongside a host of other leading figures in the educational world at The Sunday Times Wellington Educational  Festival next weekend (June 23-24th).   The stars of Educating Essex are on at 11.40am on Sunday.

I’m taking part in a discussion on ‘Academies: the future of schools?’ with James O’Shaughnessy and Laurie Penny, Chaired by Dale Bassett later in the day at 1.15pm.  Wellington Academy & College students feature in the Sage Gateshead performance, at the same time.

For more info:

Michael Wilshaw, Matthew Taylor, Steve Mumby, David Carter, Dan Moynihan, Mick Waters, David Starkey, Charlie Taylor, Lloyd Grossman, James Tooley, Peter Lampl, Mary Boustead, Michael Gove, Geoff Barton, Liz Sidwell, Guy Claxton, Tim Brighouse, John MacBeath, AA Gill, Peter Tatchell, David Aaronovitch, Andreas Schleicher, AC Grayling, Natalie Haynes and many others

This year’s Festival is built around nine themes: big ideas, provocations, creative thinking, learning in the 21st century, new frontiers, post 18 education, interactions with The Education Foundation and wellbeing and safeguarding.

There  are lots of session with a focus on new technologies and learning in the digital age.  Other sessions that caught my eye are:

The future for academies  Saturday 12.30pm Dan Moynihan, Lucy Heller, Greg Martin, David Carter, Chair: Ian Fordham

Panel discussion: What do we want in a national curriculum?  Saturday 1.05pm with Liz Sidwell, Tim Oates, Brian Lightman, Andy Atkinson, Chair: Peter Wilby

Teach a child to read and keep that child reading and you will change everything Saturday 2.45pm Ruth Miskin

The ongoing need for reform Saturday 3.35pm Andrew Adonis

Michael Wilshaw In conversation with Matthew Taylor  Saturday 4.25pm

Solid education: what’s missing in schools?
Guy Claxton, Sunday 9.30am

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