The Times highlights our achievements

In a a week when one of the major education stories has been the discussion about the divide between state and private education, The Times asks is the educational Berlin Wall crumbling?  Featuring the new Schools Commissioner Liz Sidwell – and old friend of mine from way back in the 80s at the Geographical Association and more recently the Vision2020 think tank at the Specialist Schools Trust –  the line taken is that her experience in both sectors signifies a policy drive from Sanctuary Buildings and no.10.  

Even Chris Woodhead gets in his two-pennyworth, labelling it “morally” wrong for parents at private schools to have to foot the bill for improving the state system.  As usual he’s making it up as he goes along.

For the record, our sponsorship deal with Wellington College (Wellington-puts-up-2m-for-state-academy.html) was based on £2million of private cash, which in those days sponsors (2007-2009) had to stump up.  The money sits in an endowment fund, to be used for the benefits of our students.   All very nice, but it was a key principle of the deal that our academy would not be a drain on resources – financial or otherwise – at the College.

The Times article, 5th October, Alice Thomson (pdf)

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